About the deeptech R&D background

The deeptech solution of KALYOSPHERE provides better understanding and thus assessment of deep geothermal resources. This is the key success factor of deep geothermal projects, at the exploration stage but also at the subsequent development and exploitation stages.

The foundation of the KALYOSPHERE solution is built on the results, including a dedicated software platform, the multidisciplinary expertise and the partnership of the GEOTREF research project. It also relies on the business network of expert companies, affiliated to KALYOSPHERE, for the implementation of the proposed multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches.

The overall principle is to identify and reduce subsurface uncertainties as early as possible to secure deep geothermal projects technically and financially. This requires intensive numerical modelling (digital twins), resulting from multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches with the highest expertise in geoscience, combined with cost-effective exploration data that must be properly selected and used. The advantages of the solution are multiple.

  • It is cost-effective by avoiding unnecessary survey expenses.
  • It provides more accurate assessment of the potential of the geothermal resource.
  • It makes it possible to optimize the development plan (well layout, sizing of facilities…).

The research partners of the GEOTREF project are comprised of 9 renowned French research laboratories and a founding company of the business network affiliated to KALYOSPHERE.

They bring a comprehensive expertise in geoscience and numerical modeling in order to develop collaborative methodologies and approaches.

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KALYOSPHERE benefits from the GEOTREF software platform which is linked to the SKUA-GOCAD geomodeling software.

GEOTREF software platform linked to the SKUA-GOCAD geomodeling software