Accelerating deep geothermal energy development

As a global developer of deep geothermal projects

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planete earth

With cutting-edge expertise & methodologies

With a multidisciplinary & collaborative business network

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About deep geothermal energy

Deep geothermal energy is the thermal energy accessible beneath our feet deep in the Earth

It has everything to be part of the energy transition

Zero emission & Renewable
Local & 24/7
Cost competitive


Huge potential worldwide

Potentially associated with side products (lithium, He, H2, hot brine…)


Potentially associated with underground heat storage

Environmentally and socially compliant


The essence of KALYOSPHERE

Our mission
To provide sustainable 24/7 green energy

Our vision
To revisit resource exploration in order to secure deep geothermal projects, technically, financially and environmentally

Our objective
To build rapidly a reliable portfolio of assets, as deep geothermal energy is gaining unprecedented interest

Our business strategy

To acquire exploration permits

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pawn chess

To foster partnerships in projects, technically and also financially

To be multi-solution on the exploitation of the resource according to its potential and characteristics

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pawn chess

To rely on an affiliated business network of expert companies both multidisciplinary and collaborative

a team of experienced co-founders

The four co-founders form an experienced team committed to the energy transition. They have high and complementary expertise in geoscience and project financing and share the same leitmotiv: being at the forefront of deep geothermal development projects to make them successful by implementing appropriate multidisciplinary expertise, technologies and methodologies.

“In order to secure all aspects of deep geothermal projects and ensure their success, we know :
• what to do,
• how to do it,
• and with whom, through an affiliated multidisciplinary and collaborative business network of expert companies at the forefront of technology in their respective fields and committed as partners.

picture Michel Garcia

Michel Garcia


High expertise
in natural resource assessment & company executive
picture Sylvain Sarda

Sylvain Sarda

Managing Dir.

High expertise
in reservoir engineering & energy/infra project financing
picture Alfazazi Dourfaye

Alfazazi Dourfaye

Business Dev. Dir.

High expertise
in drilling technology & company executive
picture Alain Rabaute

Alain Rabaute

Exploration Dir.

High expertise
in geological exploration & company executive

an affiliated business network of expert companies

KALYOSPHERE has made the strategic choice to build an affiliated business network of expert companies in order to provide the expertise in geoscience and complementary fields that is required to conduct successful deep geothermal projects.

The expert companies are essentially spin-offs of research laboratories, companies that have partnerships with research laboratories or companies that are leaders in their field.

The business network of expert companies is open and continues to grow.

"We have the conviction, shared by others, that deep geothermal energy, like other subsurface exploitation solutions likely to contribute significantly to the energy transition, requires to implement multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches, with a highest level of expertise in many geoscience fields, to be successful."

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Societal & legal securing

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Resource assessment
Reservoir engineering


a deeptech r&d background

The GEOTREF R&D project is dedicated to deep geothermal energy and naturally fractured reservoirs.

KALYOSPHERE has agreed with the research partners to promote the results, expertise and partnership of the project.

Multidisciplinary and collaborative partnership in geoscience was the primary objective of GEOTREF to address the risks associated with deep geothermal resource assessment and drilling, due to subsurface uncertainties.

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A multidisciplinary platform for innovation and demonstration activities for the exploration and development of high geothermal energy in fractured reservoirs
~15 persons/year in 2015-2021
16 PhD theses & post-docs
11.5 M€ of funding

reference case studies

The multidisciplinary and collaborative methods and approaches resulting from the GEOTREF R&D project and completed by KALYOSPHERE have been designed and successfully implemented working on actual case studies.


Matouba geothermal resource in Guadeloupe Island (French West Indies)
Collaboration: all partners of the GEOTREF research project


Brimstone Hill geothermal resource located in the Western slopes of Mount Liamuiga, the northernmost eruption crater on St Kitts Island in the Lesser Antilles, and North of Brimstone Hill
Collaboration: KIDOVA, Teranov, Strasbourg Univ., Lorraine Univ. & Nice-Sophia Antipolis Univ.


Sol de Mañana/Apacheta (Laguna Colorada) geothermal field located in SW of Bolivia (Altiplano)
Collaboration: KIDOVA, Teranov, Strasbourg Univ., Lorraine Univ. & Nice-Sophia Antipolis Univ. on behalf of Empresa Nacional de Electricidad de Bolivie (ENDE)


Akutan geothermal reservoir in the hot springs Bay Valley area (Alaska, US)
Collaboration: KIDOVA & GRG (Geothermal Resource Group) on behalf of Alaska Energy Authority


Geothermal reservoir at Soultz-sous-Forêts in a granite horst bounded by sub-vertical normal faults (FR)
Collaboration: KIDOVA, Lorraine Univ.

key publications

Revisiting exploration and resource assessment to unlock deep geothermal energy development by mitigating the risks

Conference: 3rd EAGE Global Energy Transition, Nov. 2022, The Hague, The Netherlands. Session: Geothermal potential evaluation

Solution to promote the results, expertise and partnership of the GEOTREF research project: towards an open, coordinated and supervised multidisciplinary network of companies and laboratories highly specialized in geoscience

Conference: Journées de la géothermie, June 2022, Aix-les-Bains, organized by Association Française des Professionnels de la Géothermie (AFPG). Session N°7: Economy, employment, competitiveness.

Business support

X-UP incubation program of the Drahi-X Novation Center, the entrepreneurship and innovation center of Ecole Polytechnique, Promotion #14

Mentors associated with the X-UP incubation program

picture Jean-Paul Chéno

Jean-Paul Chéno

Founder & managing director at OTAGO Consulting, expert in fundraising
picture Laetitia Pfeiffer

Laetitia Pfeiffer

Partner Innovative Strategy at one point, expert in communication

Strategic committee

picture Eric Déliac

Eric Déliac

President at LUY RESOURCES, expert in energy
picture Christophe Maisons

Christophe Maisons

Ex-founder of Magnitude, ex BakerHughes, expert in geoscience innovation
picture Peter Meier

Peter Meier

CEO at GEO ENERGIE SUISSE, expert in deep geothermal energy
picture David Foulon

David Foulon

Board member Attentive Energy & TotalEnergies Simply Blue venture, strategic advisor Quidnet Energy, expert in renewable energies
picture Pascal Le Mélinaire

Pascal Le Mélinaire

President at Sweetch energy, expert in organization development at the international
picture Regis le Bars

Regis Le Bars

Head of the follow-up of financing & promotion of "Investissements d'Avenir" projects at ADEME
picture Aurore Plougoulen

Aurore Plougoulen

Technology specialist, energy transition at AspenTech

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